Who we are

Excellence is not just about succeeding, it is also about always giving your best.

Our history...

Since the creation of ConnectPartners, our mission has been to address the needs and expectations of our partners and candidates in the most optimal way. Over the past 14 years, our company’s structure has constantly evolved in order to adapt to ever-changing markets and organisations.

The company was founded by Constantin Pereira-Martin with the aim to bring together clients and candidates to build strong relationships based on trust, commitment and professionalism. Thanks to Mr. Pereira-Martin’s professional network, ConnectPartners grew quickly to meet the needs of the banking/financial sector.
The company expanded to other sectors of activity.
The temporary contract activity was strengthened after obtaining the cantonal and federal licenses for labour leasing and payroll services.
A first consultant was hired to take charge of the recruitment, the employee lifecycle management and the payroll for the temporary staff.
A second consultant was hired, specialised in exclusive executive search.
Our international activity grew with the placement of executives in Europe.

Our Values

In the exercise of any profession it is essential to be able to identify
with strong values which guide our actions and are representative of who we are.
At ConnectPartners, our values are:

Trust and confidence

ConnectPartners is committed to maintaining transparent communication with its clients and candidates. All information provided by clients or candidates to ConnectPartners is treated with the utmost discretion and confidentiality, in line with the challenges prevailing in a professional career.


ConnectPartners works hand in hand with its clients and candidates to provide a clear, precise and detailed vision of current projects. This quality imperative is reflected in the assessments and presentation reports shared with our clients, as well as in the information provided to our candidates on the current job opportunities.


ConnectPartners’ expertise lies in our in-depth knowledge of the various markets and extensive know-how in managing recruitment processes. Our profession requires us to keep abreast of any development in our clients' industries, as well as of changes in the nature and content of job positions. This approach allows us to pinpoint in an accurate and worthwhile way the best opportunities for our candidates and select the best candidates for our clients.


Above all, ConnectPartners is a partner who shares a sincere and unequivocal approach to human resources with both its clients and candidates. Every day we seek the best synergies to establish professional relationships that are complementary and designed for the long term. Human dimension is at the heart of our mission. Because the recruitment process is not an exact science, we dedicate ourselves with enthusiasm and passion to providing our clients and candidates with the best possible service.

Our Team